The Referral Process

The Strengthening Families Saskatoon initiative is a voluntary program that is free of charge for families that have been accepted to the program.

Anyone can make a referral to the Strengthening Families Saskatoon (SFS) program. For a family to be eligible for this program they have to be displaying various risk factors that are outlined on the referral form.

Once a completed referral form has been received, Strengthening Families Saskatoon (SFS) staff (Program Coordinator Lois Preete and Police Constable Matt Lambe) will make arrangements to meet with the parents/caregivers to explain the Strengthening Families program with them and answer any questions they might have.

After the parents/caregivers have expressed an interest in the program and consented to sharing of information, Strengthening Families staff will meet with the child/youth that has been referred to the program. SFS staff will also meet with the referring agency to gather further information.

Once all interviews have been completed and information from the various sources has been gathered, SFS will complete a risk assessment for each family. Based on the risk assessment, the family may be offered a seat in one of the 14 week programs, be placed on the waitlist for the next available program, or a referral to other agency services may be suggested to the family.

Families will be contacted and notified of the results of the risk assessment that was completed on their behalf. Referring agencies will be updated on the referral status of the family and be made aware of any referrals that have been made on the family’s behalf.

If a family has been accepted to a 14 week program and does not complete the program for any reason, they will have to reapply to be accepted into another 14 week program.

If a family has been placed on a waitlist for one of the 14 week programs, they will be notified when a seat in the program becomes available.

Strengthening Families Saskatoon

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