Strengthening Families Program™

Strengthening Families Saskatoon is a skill based training program for high risk teens and their families. Program goals are to improve parenting, communication, and social skills within the family unit.  Families participate in a 14 week program that is held one evening per week. Each evening session is 3 hours in length. The program provides childcare, transportation and a family meal. 

The program focuses on three key components:

Child and youth sessions include:

  • Communication skills to improve caregiver, peer, and teacher relationships
  • Resilience skills
  • Problem solving
  • Peer resistance
  • Anger management, and
  • Coping skills

Parents and caregivers sessions include:

  • Mentoring parents/caregivers to interact positively with their children
  • improve family cohesion
  • Parents/caregivers learn to be better communicators using active listening skills
  • Establishing family meetings to improve order and organization
  • Discipline techniques including consequences and time-outs

Family sessions include:

  • Allow parents/caregivers and children/youth time to practice what they learned in their individual sessions, and
  • Facilitators to coach and encourage positive family interactions.

Strengthening Families Saskatoon

Making Saskatoon STRONGER One Family at a Time.

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