Strengthening Families Overview

The Strengthening Families Program™ is a critical component to the Strengthening Families Saskatoon initiative.

The Strengthening Families Program™ has been evaluated and has demonstrated its ability to reduce the following risk factors:

• Family history of problem behaviour or parent criminality;

• Family management problems, poor parental supervision and or monitoring;

• Pattern of family conflict;

• Poor family attachment or bonding;

• Parental use of physical punishment/harsh or inconsistent discipline practices;

• Anti-social behaviour and alienation, delinquent beliefs/general delinquency and involvement/drug trafficking;

• Favourable attitudes toward drug use/early onset of alcohol and/or drug use;

• Early onset of aggression and/or violence; and,

• Poor refusal skills.

Strengthening Families Saskatoon

Making Saskatoon STRONGER One Family at a Time.

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