Strengthening Families Outcomes

Evaluative studies using the Strengthening Families Program™ have shown the following:

  • Significant reductions in tobacco, alcohol, and drug initiation and use among the older children of drug abusers and in initiation and drug use among the parents;
  • Decreased use and intention to use alcohol, tobacco, and drugs;
  • Better and stronger protective factors in youths, in particular social and life skills, resistance to peer pressure and improved communication;
  • Better parent-child relationships and family cohesion, communication and organization;
  • Improved parenting skills concerning, for example, parental supervision, effective consequences rather than extreme punishments, greater consistency including family customs, and closer bonds between parents and their children;
  • Fewer youth behavioural problems (e.g., substance abuse, behaviour disorders, aggression, violence and juvenile delinquency) and emotional problems (e.g., depression and psychosomatic disorders); and,
  • A decrease in child abuse, as parents learn to form strong bonds with their children and develop positive parenting skills

Strengthening Families Saskatoon

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