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Throughout time, the tree has been a symbol of enduring strength. The tree represents blessings from nature, good fortune, stability, shelter, security and things having to do with family. The tree has also symbolized beauty, strength, wisdom and eternal life.

For many people, the tree represents the Tree of Life. The roots reach deep into the earth to provide stability, its trunk establishes a foundation and is the main part of the tree, the branches and leaves reach out for sustenance and capture the sunlight and the rain.

A tree is representative of nurturing energies, particularly when it bears fruit. The Strengthening Families’ tree is bearing the fruit of love as displayed by the hearts that are spread throughout the tree’s branches.

The tree logo developed for Strengthening Families Saskatoon is symbolic of the program itself, the cultural diversity of the people of Saskatoon and the people that are welcomed to its sessions. Cultural groups represented on the tree include:

  • Plains Cree
  • Saulteaux
  • Dene
  • Dakota
  • Tagalog
  • German
  • Michif
  • French
  • English

Strengthening Families Saskatoon

Making Saskatoon STRONGER One Family at a Time.

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